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Posted by Albert Cattoir on 03-13-2001 08:41 AM

I belong in a cave.
Well, not yet. We (what do you mean we, human?) have lived through some
difficult times (from the past). But still the fact remains that
somehow, humans have gotten through it.

One could say that the probability of having a War increases since
we have had nuclear weapons around for a long time. If it comes to
pass, then what will you do?

I see no problem with being concerned about the future, maybe it becomes a good thought question.
What can anyone do about it? Meaning that the interaction of humans
may have a nullifying effect. Maybe John’s purpose is simple, maybe it
is complex. Still from leaders in the world, we still have posturing.
Here’s and example:

General Ivashov: Russia insists on preservation of 1972 ABM Treaty
12.03.01. 18:29
Russia’s position on the 1972 Treaty on the Limitation of
Anti-Ballistic Missile Systems is unchanged: it is necessary to
preserve the Treaty, strictly observe its standards, and perform all
obligations the sides took upon themselves, Colonel General Leonid
Ivashov, chief of the Main Directorate of International Military
Cooperation at the Defense Ministry of Russia, was reported as making
an official statement at a press conference in Moscow March 12.

He also stressed that “Russia regarded and regards NATO’s progress
east as a threat to its security and the Russian position in this
matter has suffered no changes either.”

In his opinion, the Russian proposals on the creation of a European
non-strategic antimissile defense system, which were handed to NATO
Secretary General George Robertson in the course of his February visit
to Moscow, “are diametrically opposite to the U.S. intentions of
creating a national missile defense system.”

The Russian proposals “are not leading to breaches of some
obligations or other treaties in this sphere,” he explained. The U.S.
intentions at the same time are leading to the disruption of the 1972
ABM Treaty, he said.

Russia’s proposals are based on the idea of creating “international
mobile forces for relocation to directions of missile threat, whereas
the U.S.A. intends to cover only its national territory with a
protective umbrella,” he said.

In this connection, in his view, the Russian proposals, as opposed
to the U.S. ones, “will not cause an arms race but rather may reverse

Creating an U.S. national missile defense system, on the contrary,
“will lead to a competitive process between creators of strategic
defense and attack systems,” he claimed.

In accordance with his statement, Russia will never agree to having
the United States unilaterally disrupt the foundation of international
security such as the ABM Treaty is.

Russia’s proposals on the creation of a European non-strategic
antimissile system are “diametrically opposite” to the U.S. plans to
create a national missile defense system, he said.

“Our proposals do not breach any agreements and will not lead to an
arms race whereas the U.S. program will assist a competitive process in
the area of strategic defense and attack systems,” he stressed.

He also mentioned the fact that in the UN Security Council 89
countries spoke against the U.S. national missile defense system and
only four in support of it. “The majority of countries are on our side
and this frightens the U.S.A.,” he concluded.

He also said Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and U.S. State
Secretary Colin Powell would soon discuss the U.S. plans and the
Russian proposals in this area.

“For our part, we will try to convince the U.S.A. that the
implementation of their plans will have ruinous consequences for the
world community,” he said.

(It just seems right when a talk show host around where I live
still says that Russia still has people that react the old way, (as a
Communist) when discussing anything about these treaties.) As of
3/12/01, this article from a Russian newspaper (on-line) is still what
they are trying to convince their people of.

Posted by John Titor on 03-13-2001 08:46 AM
((As you know, bodies under acceleration lose their initial
constant velocity worldline reference with respect to each other – the
Twins Paradox.))

I’m not sure that’s accurate. Twin Paradox time travel only
suspends your perspective on a local level as the “world” around you
goes on. You do not change worldlines.

((Given that you have a possible 2.5% divergence from your own
worldline (5% on a roundtrip?)on a 60-year trip and the
micro-singularities (each having their own worldline) are subject to
the same divergence, how do you keep them in phase?))

Good thinking but that’s not exactly the way they work and divergence is not cumulative.
((Does the divergence extend into N-dimensions? Is the 2.5% the
total error or is each dimension subject to the 2.5% divergence

Yes, that’s a little closer. You should perhaps change the “N” to and “X” to avoid string theory confusion.
((…but how did you manage to overcome the problem of gathering
sufficient power to artificially create a micro-singularity in such a
short time (sometime prior to 2036))

The “machine” with the energy to do it will come on-line very soon.
The “method” for doing it has already been “mostly” perfected in the Z
machine at the National lab in New Mexico.

((I believe that it would theoretically take the total energy
output of the Sun since the time of Richard the Lionhearted (about a
thousand years) to form one micro-singularity, let along two.))

Not that much.
((I haven’t seen an answer to my issue concerning moral turpitude through action or inaction. Did I miss it?))
If I missed something, please repeat it.
((But let me ask you one simple question: instead of sitting at
your computer, why not present yourself to George W, proof in hand?
THAT would throw quite a monkey wrench into the government’s cover-up
machine, don’t you think?))

Please take a look at the front cover of this month’s Popular
Mechanics because it’s a great example of your legacy to 2036 after the
war. One side of the cover it describes in great detail how your
government is ready spying on you. On the other side (and just as
important) it tells you how to install a hot tub.

The reason time travelers do not revel themselves is because your
society scares the hell out of us. We do not want to end up in a cement
room on a permanent supply of sodium prenatal as men with lab coats
poke at our machine with a screwdriver.

((…but would not the vintage computer from 1975 be bigger than the time machine to haul back to the future?))
Not at all. The 5100 series will fit on a tabletop.
((Are people using “reverse speech” in courts, etc. or even recreational?))
Not that I’m aware of.
((…and John’s explanation was “gravity sensors”. While I’m not
aware of anything called a gravity sensor in this day and age, I
wouldn’t discount such a thing.))
For a second there, I thought 2.5% took a big chunk out of this
worldline. I found this site and I’m sure there are others out there.

((Russia, China, N. Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, France – and you can add
quite a few others to this list – would just love to see America on her
knees and will do whatever it is they can to help us down there. NEVER
EVER UNDERESTIMATE enemies – especially FORMER enemies (like Russia).))

Didn’t North Korea just break off some sort of talks with South Korea?
((WACO…with criminal violations of the law either directly or
impliedly as is done in this video, simply doesn’t accord with the real
facts. Actually, there’s some evidence now to suggest that not only the
FBI, but other federal as well as state and local law enforcement
agencies have learned something from the Waco tragedy, and will take
great care not to repeat it.))

A large point of contention seems to be the “flashes” of light that
appear to be gunfire that were recorded from the aircraft flying over
the compound. The FBI has stated that these flashes were sunlight
reflections. I find that rather interesting since the camera was not a
visible light camera, it was a thermal camera. If the federal forces
learned anything from WACO it was to install more reliable suppressors
on their automatic weapons and don’t use flash grenades that leave
shell casings after the fire.

Sorry for the short answers.
((1. Could you explain your theory about worldlines? Are there
infinite worldlines? Are all worldlines separate or
connected to each other in some way?))
Yes, worldlines are infinite. Yes, they are separate but can be traversed through certain large gravity anomalies.
((2. Where did you attend High school and what year did you
graduate? Was it difficult?))
No, I did not have a “high school” experience.
((3. What college did you attend, what year did you graduate?
Would you estimate that your college life was similar to
ours in our worldline? ))
I was educated at the University of Florida. I entered a military
sponsored program in 2029 and graduated between 2033 – 34. No, it was
not very similar.

((4. Hypothetically: If you fell in love with someone here
(lets say Pamela) and you took her “back to the future” with you in
your timex machine, wouldn’t that act upset both of our worldlines
especiall if she were pregnant? Or all of the worldlines,assuming time
travel is possible? Conversly, If you were gay and you took a gay man
back with you, would that disrupt the worldlines less, assuming the
both you could not bear offspring. ))

No, it would not disrupt anyone’s worldlines.
((5. Have you had a chance to watch a movie here that you had
already seen in your 2036 wordline? If so, did they have
the same endings?))
Interesting question. If I watch enough of them I should see a difference somewhere but I haven’t seen one yet.
BOB 25

Posted by John Titor on 03-13-2001 08:52 AM
((I’m not sure that’s accurate. Twin Paradox time travel only
suspends your perspective on a local level as the “world” around you
goes on. You do not change worldlines.))

After reading this, it occured to me that our definition of worldline may not be the same.

Posted by Albert Cattoir on 03-13-2001 09:18 AM
(This may seem like a stupid question, since I am not familiar with any of this in my reality.)
Can world-lines converge closer together every so many years?
(Something like world-lines coming closer together during the time
Jesus was on Earth, and now in the future, with the awesome power
(nuclear) we have, an ebbing or flowing of the convergence and
divergence of world-lines.)

((I must add that if this is true, then morals of all world-lines
are tilted towards a certain aspect (good or evil) at these times,
(causing the outcome of many, many, many worldlines to be similiar at
those times)).

Just a thought.

Posted by Emmett “Darby” Darbyshire on 03-13-2001 12:26 PM
At one time I asked you about the mass of your singularities but
didn’t receive an answer. From other information gathered here it
appears that your machine heats to about 100 degrees (approx. 400

The Hawking Radiation of a singularity with a mass of 3 x 10^20 kg of mass would have a temperature of approx. 400 kelvin.
Hawking radiation in kelvins=(6 x 10^-8/M) where M is Solar masses. The smaller the mass the greater the temperature.
The mass of 3 x 10^20 kg is equilalent to a slice of the Earth 1.2
miles wide at the equator, extending from pole to pole to the depth of
the center of the Earth. (The mass of the Earth is 5.98 x 10^24 kg.)
Your society isn’t involved in space travel (according to earlier
posts) so it appears that your singularities are madfe from the Earth
itself. Ouch! Your society is killing the world. Eco-terrorists as it

Where is the mass coming from?

Posted by John Titor on 03-13-2001 12:43 PM
((Where is the mass coming from?))
E=MCsquared can be solved for mass too.

Posted by John Titor on 03-13-2001 12:49 PM
This appeared to be the same question from the other site so I just copied my old response.
((For instance, he has stated that his society is not involved in
space travel. He’s also stated that the temperature in and around his
device while in use is approximately 100 degrees (approx 375 kelvin).

I’m not sure I understand the connection between no space travel and the temperature around the device.
((If the Hawking Radiation of a black hole stated in Kelvins is…))
The singularities are not unstable; therefore, uncontrolled
evaporation is not possible. In addition, there is no extemporaneous
matter near the singularity that would cause it to give off radiation
or heat.

((Or – he’s taken a slice of the Earth about 1.2 miles wide at the
equator from pole to pole down to the center of the Earth and
compressed it into a singularity. And his machine has two of them, GE
has a larger unit (C206) and there are multiple machines of each model
(C204 & C206). ))

A singularity about the size of an electron would only require the
mass of a large mountain. The singularities inside the C204 are much
small than that. And no, I didn’t make them.

((If his society doesn’t space travel – then they are gobbling up the Earth to make their singularities.))
You know… E = MC squared can be written to solve for mass too.

Posted by Don Berg on 03-13-2001 04:44 PM
John Titor, would you consider having your departure from
this time period be video taped for Art Bell? What would
you expect to be seen during that event from the outside
perspective? I remember that Art wanted to do this when
MadMan Markham was going to attempt time travel, so I
would expect Art would be interested. Please email and fax
Art about this proposal if you accept.

Posted by Pamela Moore on 03-13-2001 05:01 PM Smile
Dear Don,
He is planning on having someone video tape his departure.
What it will look like:
((Pamela: 1.What exactly would an observer see as they saw you arriving in this
time? and exactly what would they see as you departed? would you just appear
suddenly or slowly? would you look like a heat mirage for awhile? any
light effects? or hazy misty shimmering distortion?
Time travel_0- The observation of time travelers “appearing”
suddenly in a world line do not happen very often. There are two cases
and two points of view to consider. In the first case, the time machine
does not move as it goes from one world line to another and then
returns. The people watching on the original world linewould wave good
bye and watch as the machine is turned on.
There would be a static discharge and the air would appear to “ripple”
as if it were getting denser. Then, it would stop and the machine will
have appeared to have gone no where. If the machine doesn’t move its
position from world line to world line, the observer would not see it
disappear at all. In the second case, if the machine is moved, it would
disappear from the viewpoint of the observer and return in a different
location based on where it was moved and turned on from the destination
world line. In that case, the rippling seems to dissolve the machine
and it disappears. If that happens while you are watching it leave and
you expect it to return, you know it was moved or had a serious
malfunction. It is actually quite dangerous to get too close to a
distortion unit as it enters or leaves a world line. It vents radiation
and has a very strong localized gravity field. Personally, I worry
about that a great deal.))

[Edited by Pamela Moore on 03-13-2001 at 05:14 PM]

Posted by Albert Cattoir on 03-13-2001 10:20 PM
Actually John,
You really do not have to answer my questions. I saw the computer
on a webpage after I asked that question. I was under the assumption
that IBM only had larger computers back then at that time. I do not
think any other questions I asked are even that relevant. I was also
under the assumption that space travel would come first, now I have my
doubts, and as one person put it:

Space is big. I saw some of the other webpages also.
Time is big. I will be thinking about all of this more in the summer, too much to do right now.
Well, certainly I wonder what humans will be doing in the future as
to the wisdom that may be needed with certain aspects of technological
breakthroughs. I really wonder if humankind has the wisdom in some of
these pursuits.

I really wonder.
Here’s hoping we did not step on your toes too much.

Posted by Raxamon Bathory on 03-14-2001 02:05 AM Exclamation
Good evening to all of you, and John. I wont start this off by
displaying whether I fully beleive you or not, other than I’d love to
beleive you, perhaps even love the fact that I’d love to beleive you,
but not whether I concretely do, or not.

I am not very good grammatically, or even at organizing my thoughts
in a cohesive list of things, so please bear with me as I struggle to
manipulate an unweildly and cumbersome form of communication to the
best of my ability. First and formost I am inquisitive about religious
beleif systems you seem to make many references to a obviously Male
Dominated religious system, perhaps even the religion I loathe so much,
known as Christianity. Being that you claim to be from 2036, you must
forgive my arrogance but I will assume for you to be a representative
of people in that time, and that worldline. Am I, a faithfull
Witchcraft Practicing Neopagan to beleive that Christianity is still
the dominant form of religion in whats left of a post-catacalysmic
United States? And that mankind is still aspiring towards a rather
unbalanced religion, responsible for alot of the sorrow, misery,
toture, death, and narrow mindedness of this worldlines past, and in
some ways present, and none actively seek reunification with the old
ways, seeking to come closer to the bosom of earth based religion? Or
is it that Neopaganism is such a minority in your time and worldline
that you have yet to mention it in any form? I am sorry to sound rather
bitter, but with regards to most of christianity and its followers, all
I have seen and experienced is narrow mindedness, hatred, and
malevolent intent towards anything remotely different from themselves
(Holy War is a good example, Salem Witch trials is another, and down
here in the deep south you can find it anywhere simply by walking into
a southern baptist church on sunday wearing a pentagram and wearing
black). If neopaganism is not a viable and accepted religion or
tolerated much amongst the christian counterparts in your communities,
I should think I know where I’ll be aiming my guns when, and if such a
war arrives. It is my deep seated beleif that if all religions dont
wake up and unify and realize all religious (and spiritual) beleif
leads to the same sources, there may well be uprisings from pagans (I
should think after so many centuries of hatred we’re quite fed up by
now, and its showing in the Black Metal musical underground movement
occuring presently in Norway, and some of europe in which angry fans
are quite litterally burning centruies old catholic churches to the
ground sometimes with followers inside).

I wont leave anything aside in saying I’m a Gen X individual, only
difference instead of not caring, I’m angry, Not only am I angry, I’m
rather overjoyed to hear the possibility of Mutually Assured
Destruction for all mankind, because for the most part, most people
dont deserve the life given to them, I’ll be cheering from the
sidelines when the bombs start dropping, waiting for an opportunity for
an anarchistic environment wherein I could easily inact revenge upon
Governmental officials, and Religious Zealots with deadly force.

However, the image you produce of mankind drawing inward upon
itself, and becoming….more wholeistic in a sense, caring more about
the community as a whole, and the wellbeing of the mass body, than the
greed of the self I must admit is a heartening one, perhaps a step
towards spiritual enlightenment, for all parties, in wich Christian,
Pagans, Muslims, Buddhists and the like can all sit down and break
bread with each other and be as brothers. If such is the case I would
indeed think, even through the hardships, I’d be more than willing to
live through that. Furthermore the possibility for daily bloodshed from
water raiders and the like would thrill me, a more earth based, rather
than economy, or rather Capitalistic based life would seem more than an
enjoyable experience.

Personally many seem to think of the fact of millions of dying as a
bad thing, I dont. I think getting rid of the mass populace would be a
wonderfull thing, and rest assured if it happens, I’ll be doing my part
to weed out the morons that slipped through the cracks of devastation
with the point of a gun, of that you have my oath.

At any rate, I have a favor to ask of you, if you dont mind. You
stated earlier, you would post this information up on the net in your
worldline when you arrived back at your destination (or rather as close
as you can get to your original worldline). I have two children who I
should hope will be smart enough to live through the devastation
(perhaps though it would however be a kinder gesture that they did not
however, considering possibility of nuclear winter, fallout, mutatuion,
cancer, morons freely toting guns etc). Please do me a favor and look
up if you can Celeste Electra Watson, and Damon Caine Watson, and tell
them their father loves them deeply, and wishes them the best in all
that they acheive, and that I wish the light grace and love of the Lord
and Lady to shine upon them always and in all that they do. I have no
message for myself, as in truth its not me, and even if it was, I
should be 57 by this time, and possibly A. Dead or B. a doddering old
fool. And also how would the other me with a different timeline know to
even look myself up. which means only that the message would never get
to me. Which is why I ask you the favor of directly looking up my
children if they still live and telling them such.

On another note, out of curiosity, say one turned on a tesla coil
nearby the machine you use to travel, emitting the emp dreaded by
anything with transistors, and then attempted to utilize the time
machine? is it sheilded against the effects of EMP or would you then be
sitting, staring at a now useless peice of machinery stuck in a time
period you were unfamiliar with? Furthermore, also electromagneticism I
should think would be slightly different from our time to yours,
considering massive worldwide global thermonuclear war would destroy
most power grids *snicker* in your time period, do other
electromagnetic feilds such as those produced from surrounding
powerlines, and such in any way hamper the proper utilization of the
machine? or make it more difficult to take accurate “snapshots” so that
you remain “stuck to the world” ?

Also on a further note…considering you’ll never actually get back
to your own worldline, why go back? I dunno bout you, but I’d say FuX0R
that, and not care anymore and slide further and further back in time
(or forward) as far as I possibly could, expecting cumulative
divergance from my point of origin, seeking out and exploring the many
possibilities of the multiverse. I should think a world where hitler
won would be on the side of the amount of divergance I’m talking about,
or a World Where the Egyptian Empire was never beaten by the persians
and Alexander the Great, thusly resulting in a superpower of the same
might of Rome by the time of cleopatra’s reign (or lack of reign, lol
we are talking massive divergance here are we not?) and why settle for
the efforts of petty human civilization? go back, keep going back,
Millions of years, grab up specimens of the triassic era, then have fun
hopping back into the future with your specimens then gleefully set
loose say, hell a pack of raptors onto the populace of newyork? then
laugh as you warp off to another point in time, in another world, where
any possibility could be reality. (only thing I’d be really worried
about is hopping into a world where the russians did not back down from
the cuban missile crisis, under the Kennedy administration). After all
who is gonna stop you? the multiverse is now your playground, and who
cares about your time period and their problems, as you said others
would step through from other worldlines to take your place in your
concurrent worldline, perhaps one of them will decide to go back with
the machine so they get what they want, and you get a free ride on one
of the greatest adventures I could imagine.

I dunno, but thats what I’d do, I mean you just took a mission
where in essence quite simply there is NO return, so why give a flip
about the issues of humans, your now above all that with the multiverse
being your playground.

Anyways thats just a few ideas and questions and whatnot I figured
I’d toss your way. Sounds like fun were it real, and if it isn’t ****
man write a book. I’d pay just to read it LOL

Posted by John Titor on 03-14-2001 08:12 AM
Departure Video for Art Bell
((John Titor, would you consider having your departure from
this time period be video taped for Art Bell? What would
you expect to be seen during that event from the outside
perspective? I remember that Art wanted to do this when
MadMan Markham was going to attempt time travel, so I
would expect Art would be interested. Please email and fax
Art about this proposal if you accept. ))
Earlier in the thread I had said I would be willing to videotape my
departure and Pamela copied a much earlier post describing it. There
are a few technical and logistical problems but I do plan to have it
done. (i.e. the videotape recording has static and interference if it’s
too close to the unit.) At this point, the videotape would be for pure
entertainment value. It won’t prove one way or another if I’m a time
traveler but I feel you deserve just a tad of bread and circuses.

When I approached my grandfather in 1975 it took me quite a while
to convince him I was who I said I was. He said something I’ve never
forgotten and I’ve heard some of you allude to it also. After looking
at the unit he turned to me and said, “Either you’ve escaped from an
insane asylum or you’re a time traveler. As the weeks went on, it
occurred to me that both were just as threatening and dangerous to him
and I’m not sure he ever decided which one was worse.

Based on my own experiences on the web and a few comments some of
you have made, I suspect Art is growing weary of people claiming to be
time travelers for the same reason. As we have discussed, there is
really no way to prove it and I would imagine Art is tired of putting
himself at risk by entertaining the idea. He does have a responsibility
to his listeners and I respect that. I suppose it goes back to the old
question you’ve all asked yourselves. What is proof of time travel?

Posted by Joe Section on 03-14-2001 08:59 AM
John Titor,
I am confused by one of your actions. Why is it NOT ok to give us
information about our near future in detail, but it IS ok to take back
detailed emails and totally modify that time line?

I would like to know the next AOL on this time line, not another

Posted by Javier Cortez on 03-14-2001 09:23 AM
Well what a way to play the crowd John. But what are you truly trying to say?
Often times you have hidden meanings in your statements. And I know
that this time is no acceptation. Why are you now emphasizing trying to
say something about proving to us if you are real or not?

As a way out perhaps?
That video of your departure, are you afraid that it will be proven fraudulent?
And you just want to spare people the disappointment?
Well if my guesses are correct, I think we found something we agree on.
We both wouldn’t like to see people suckered into believing you as a

-Javier C.

Posted by John Titor on 03-14-2001 10:09 AM
((Why is it NOT ok to give us information about our near future in
detail, but it IS ok to take back detailed emails and totally modify
that time line?))

I’m not saying anything in your messages. You are. Are you
suggesting I edit your emails? Are you unable to weigh the consequences
of your opportunity and I am now responsible for what you might say to
yourself? Now that you have the chance to put your own morals to the
test do you feel you’re incapable of living up to your own standards?

Is it wrong to say one thing and not something else? If you feel you
should tell yourself to buy a certain stock than I suppose you are
willing to take the risk that “your” advice doesn’t prove wrong in the
next few days.

What ever I might do, I would consider the fact that someday you will have to address this question again as an entire society.
J.C. Why would I offer to make the video if I thought it would
“expose” me? If it makes you feel better, I doubt it will change your
mind anyway but it will give you something to talk about when I’m gone.
I think that’s the greatest gift I could give you.

Posted by Joe Section on 03-14-2001 10:48 AM
John T,
It is not against my morals to give myself a financial edge with
some information from the future, but it does seem to be against your
morals as you won’t give any of us a stock tip or any specific
information from the future.

Why would you allow all kinds of information to make it’s way back
in time, yet give no information on this time line? The exchage of
information would not be possible without your help.

I am sure if you asked the future me, he would give permission to give the current me some useful information
>>I’m not saying anything in your messages. You are. Are you
suggesting I edit your emails? Are you unable to weigh the consequences
of your opportunity and I am now responsible for what you might say to
yourself? Now that you have the chance to put your own morals to the
test do you feel you’re incapable of living up to your own

Posted by Javier Cortez on 03-14-2001 10:57 AM
Greatest gift for me? How do you know what the greatest gift for me is? I’d take it you didn’t mean just me when you said that.